Thu. May 23rd, 2019

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Provocative Minister Anant Hegde Asks Rahul Gandhi if “he has proof that he’s Hindu?”

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Anant Hegde

With barely a month left for the polls to begin political parties battle it out with war of words. Like always the bad mouth Union Minister Anant Hegde stirred a new controversy after asking Rahul Gandhi to prove his faith.

The Union Minister Anant Hegde said, “Look what situation they have brought our country down to. The entire world is acknowledging our bravery. But some people within our own country have raised doubts. They want proof for our IAF’s air strikes against Pakistan but how did the son of a muslim become a Hindu named Gandhi? What proof do they have? He was born to a Muslim father and Christian mother. How does he become a Hindu.”

The whole world knows India bombed Balakot, however there is no credible evidence of the impact in public domain issued by the Indian Air Force or the Government of India.

In order to get away with valid questions, the bad mouth minister brings in religion to divert public attention from core issues. The BJP have a long history about bringing religion, faith to polarise elections. More the polarisation within religious communities, more benefit does it brings to BJP.

Since the 2017 Gujarat elections there have been questions on Rahul Gandhi over his religion. Mr.Gandhi had come out to state that his family is a devotee of Lord Shiva and they do not discuss religion in public, as faith and religion are “private matters”.

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