Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

Public holiday for Diwali-Eid?

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The United Kingdom parliament come 29th October is going to debate petitions on public holiday for Diwali and Eid.

At present the United Kingdom has 8 public holidays 3 bank holidays, 1 for new year and remaining 4 are religious holidays, specifically for the Christian community.

The government has received about 45,000 petitions in support for holiday on Eid and 12,000 petitions for Diwali. The MP supporting these petitions Bob Blackman says that it’s time UK considers giving major world religions at least one public holiday. This would motivate the migrant workforce.

The United Kingdom in 2012 received similar requests, this failed to convince the parliament house due to financial constraints; siting losses over €2 billion each day for additional public holidays.

The United Kingdom by default has barely few public leaves and any minor additions to this will not make a difference. The elected representatives would first debate on it on the 29th, depending on the response and if positive a law would be framed.

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